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Drone helps locate fire

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Drone helps locate fire

Press Release – June 4th, 2017


Forty North Technologies assists Hunterdon County public safety agencies locate mystery black smoke. Shortly after 4 PM on Saturday, June 3rd, heavy black smoke was reported near Case Blvd and JP Case Middle school.  40NDrones responded, located the small rubbish fire and quickly provided size up info to responding fire units.


Agencies responding included NJ State Forest Fire, Raritan Township Fire Company, Three Bridges Volunteer Fire Company.


About Forty North Technologies:


Forty North Technologies provides drone services delivering real-time aerial intelligence in a growing and increasingly complex industry.  Drones in public safety are being used to save lives, size up fires, locate hot spots, locate suspects, preserve property damage, traffic monitoring, scene documentation and provide increased situational awareness to the incident commander and external stakeholders in near real time. Keeping crews safer and equipping company officers, chiefs, and training personnel with material for after action reviews, improving and learning.


FNT’s public safety division provides intelligence and technology solutions such as drones as a service, thermal detection, digital response plans, aerial preplans, secure private streaming and more to organizations looking to add advance command intelligence.  Contact us today for a zero commitment trial or info session.

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